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Teeth whitening


A White Smile Is Always A Good Look






Individuals - $120

Revisit within 30 days - $90

In Home/ Office - $150

Couples/  BFFS - $200



Laser whitening or power whitening or LED teeth whitening is a treatment performed using a specific concentration of teeth whitening gel is painted on the teeth and a blue light or laser is shone on the paint. This activates the bleaching gel and teeth get whitened. The wavelength of cold blue LED light used is of around 465 nano meters. This process can take about an hour (varies from case to case).


Using a laser or LED lightening system allows better absorption of the bleaching agent. This makes this system very fast and effective. 


Each visit can last between 30-60 minutes depending on the extent of stains or the concentration of the bleaching gel used. The technician will place a rubber shield or apply protective gel on the gums. This is to protect soft tissue from getting aggravated by the bleaching agent. LED teeth whitening is now popular among heavy smokers.

The effectiveness of the system depends upon lots of factors such as kind of gel used – carbamide vs. hydrogen peroxide, gel’s concentration, how strong is the discoloring and how patients enamel reacts / responds to gel.

Your Appointment will consist of 5 parts:

1) Consultation: Reading & Signing Consent Form.

2) Preparation: We will provide you with a New Toothbrush & Travel Size Sensodyn Tooth Paste to take home.

You will be asked to Brush and rinse prior to beginning your treatment.

This will allow us to work on a clean surface.

3) Whitening Treatment:

3 sessions of 25 minutes in which the technician will have you rinse and will re-apply your gel.

This will allow the gel to work in stages as it works to eliminate stains and leave you with a great result.

4) Application of Remineralizing Gel & Vitamin E: 

After teeth whitening process is completed we will apply these aftercare agents they are used to restore the vitamins and minerals back to your teeth and gums and also help to reduce any sensitivity that may or may not occur.

5) Post Treatment:

You will be sent home with After-Care Instructions.




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