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Permanent Makeup/PMU

Permanent Makeup implants pigment into the superficial layer of the skin, and the process mainly uses manual application. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing that allows you to have long lasting enhanced eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Pencil-thin eyebrows are so last century, thick, chunky eyebrows are where it’s at. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with their eyebrows naturally being on fleek. The whole process takes about two hours and lasts for 2-3 years once touched up.

 Ombré Powder Brows and Microblading are beauty trends for those who want to achieve fuller, thicker eyebrows. 


We can also define the lips a lot more and give them an overall  prettier tone, which gives them a more plump and fuller look.


Ombré Powder Brows - $450

Ombré Powder Brows Touchup - $135

Microblading - $450

Microblading Touchup - $135

Full Lip Colour - $500

Full Lip Colour Touchup - $150

Lip Liner - $350

Touchup (Full Colour) - $300

Touchup (Lip Liner) - $250

Eyeliner Cat Eye or Wing - $400

Eyeliner Cat Eye or Wing (Touchup) - $120

Eyeliner Classic - $300

Eyeliner Classic (Touchup) - $99 

*Touchup within 9 months

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