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Stretchmark Camouflage Treatments always require a minimum of 2 sessions as you will not benefit from 1 session. On average Scar Camouflage T requiring 3 sessions. The number of sessions depends on scar tissue. Usually, several sessions are required to build up the ink in scar tissue.

Below is just an estimate and depends on the size of the area we are performing the scar/stretch mark treatment also, the density and severity (COLOR) of the scar/stretch marks. For example; Deep, wide scars or scars darker than your natural skin color will require more sessions of both Ink and Inkless methods than those that are lighter and less noticeable.


Camouflage tattoo is a powerful technique that can have a transformative impact on our clients’ lives. Whether it’s helping to conceal stretch marks, camouflaging scars, white spots, or vitiligo marks, the power of camouflage to improve self-esteem is undeniable. Our goal is to make your scar at least 80% less visible by minimizing the contrast of the scarred area and the surrounding skin.

Stretch Mark Camouflage Price Estimates: PER SESSION
  • Outer upper Arms Only: $450

  • Shoulders: Front or back $450

  • Under Arms: $400

  • Breasts: $400

  • Buttocks: $475

  • Lower Back: $400

  • Calves: $400

  • Hips: $400

  • Knees (front and back) $400

  • Thigh front $450

  • Thigh Back $450

  • Inner Thigh (between legs) $475

  • Stomach: $550


Scar Camouflage Price Estimates: PER SESSION
  • 4-6 Liposuction Scars for $250

  • Small Tiny Hypo Scar: $200

  • Small Complex Hypo Scar (indented) $300

  • Small Hyper Scar $250 (Sunspot)

  • Small Complex Hyper $350

  • Tummy Tuck (small/Hypo) $600

  • Tummy Tuck (Large Hyper/keloid) $600 (MINIMUM 4 SESSIONS)

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